Advertisers Area

The internet advertising is very important part of every business. But we know very well that the advertising it is not only to put your ad somewhere in the internet, or to spew huge amount of ads in millions of sites. One of most important part of every marketing strategy is to determine who exactly will purchase products or services of the company. With a good structured strategy you can get much more sells without to spend a lot of money for advertising. helps you exactly for that!

We have rich and powerfull set of instruments, who will help you to choise right audience for your products or services. That will help you to get maximum result from your advertising budget! With our statistical information and realtime reports, you will be completely informed how does it perform your ad campaign.

Here are a couple of our features, which you will have:

How to get large audience

Very large audience and traffic quality

With our thousands publishers and milion users you will be impressed how serious the effects you can achieve with your advertising budget. But it is not everything, you can control the quality of your traffic too with various options in our members area. And finally - we have a powerfull anti fraud system to protect you from "paying for nothing".

How to target accurate the clients

Very precise targeting system

With our targeting modules in members area you can target very accurate every your ad campaign. You can choise from various settings like country, language, time and etc. Here is a summary information about the potential, who you will get with choosing us:

Geo Targeting
You can choose one or a couple of countries to target your ads to them , and give international position to your business.
Language Targeting
It is a good idea to target your potential clients by his speaking language. This can be very useful in countries with two or more official languages.
Browser Targeting
You can link your ad campaign with the specific things like a client's browser, which can be helpful if your business is linked with web services or etc.
Device and OS Targeting
OS and device targeting is perfect for ad campaigns for software products ( applications, games and etc ) that require a specific operating system. Here you can save money, if your products are designed for a specific devices like mobile phones, tablets or something else.
Channel / Category Targeting
You can save a lot of money of your ad budget with our traffic categories. Here you can choose one or more categories and target your clients more accurately.

With this and some other options it will be very easy for you to add a specific setting to every your ad campaign. With our flexible system you can get the best of your ad budget!

Choose the right bid

Flexible bidding system

With our bidding system you can determine the financial parameters of your ad campaign. Here you can manage your price for count of impressions to ensure that your ad campaign is focused to a desired customer base. Also you can set some limits like your budget, hit limits and etc.

Schedule the campaign

Very good scheduling system

The another way to structure very well your ad campaign is our scheduling system. If your business is specific and you are selling your products or services at a special time interval or day of the week, it is a good idea to show your ads in right time or day. For example, if you have a restaurant, it is not very clever to advertise your lunch menu at 10:00 pm, right? Or, if you have entertainment complex, advertising them at the monday is a bad idea at all... Here we have very good scheduling system, to help you NOT only to show ads, but find real clients! You can set up and schedule your campaign by hour interval and in a specific days of week if you need this, to get the best result from your ad budget.

Reports and statistics

Useful reports and statistical tools

We know that it is very important for you to track in real time how is run your ad campaign and what are its results. The collection of statistical information is also important for successful marketing in the future. Our useful reporting and statistical system will give you all information that you need, to have more successful advertising campaigns - that means more clients and sells.

The marketing team knows very well what you need to have more sells. And our support team have rich experience to learn you how to create your campaign well structured and efective. If you want to make more money from your advertising budget, if you want to promote your business to more countries and people, follow this link: