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This is the place where you can find the answers about all frequently asked questions. If you need more information, feel free to contact us using our CONTACT FORM, or by any of capabilites described in footer section this site! Our support teams will be happy to answer you and help you!

How can I create my own account?
It is very simple. Go to the SIGN UP page and fill the form. You can leave empty the fields that are not required. When you are ready click the "create account" button. Your e-mail will be verified and after that you will be able to login in our members area.
How can I login and what if i forgot my details?
There is login form on the top right corner of every page in this site. If you are not remember your login name or password, use the link in that form and we will answer you by e-mail how can you restore your account.
Where can I get help and support?
There is a couple ways to get help from us:
  • You can use our CONTACT FORM to ask a question or request support.
  • You can send e-mails to us - our e-mail addresses are described in the footer of every page. If you not sure about the kind of your question, please write to
  • And finally you can talk with someone of our support teams via Skype, or our live chat system - the links are in the footer of every page.
How do I get started?
You can start immediately, just create an account at our sign up page.
How much does it cost to join?
No costs to join, It is absolutely free!
How many accounts I need?
You need only one account, and you will have access to both advertisers and publishers area.
How do I add an ad code to my site?
Once you create your account, you will be able to choose from different ways of coding. Your code will be generated automaticly and you will simple copy and paste in your website.
What kind of ads can I show with my site?
You can show pupups and popunders.
Can I filter ads to correspond to my content?
Yes, you can setup this in your control panel, after sign up.
When I will get my money?
We are paying out within 24 hurs after you request with Minimum $20.
Where I can see my bill?
In your member panel you have real time detailed reports about your traffic and money.
What is the referral commission?
When you refer other webmasters/advertisers to join this program, we will pay you 10% of whatever they earn.
How do you send visitors to my website?
With the most useful technology of Internet Advertising - PopUp / PopUnder windows. Every time when a visitor exits from one of the thousands of sites in our network, your web page will pop up and will immediately impress the visitor! This is the basis for all such website visitor traffic using this highly successful technology.
How exactly will cost if I decide to advertise with you?
Actualy there is no fixed price for that - You determine the financial parameters of every your campaign by yourself! In the members area You can choose what kind of traffic you will buy and how much money will spend for that. There is many options and limitations for Your ad campaigns.
What are your payment options and conditions?
We accept payments through Paypal and paxum, also accept traditional forms of payment such as wire transfer, Webmoney and etc. Orders are processed as they are received. Your traffic will start immediately after processing your order.
Why my campaigns must be approved and how long takes that?
There is many non correct partners, who try to spam our publishers with viruses, malware and etc. Because of that, we are approving all campaigns of our advertisers - this affect to your security too. Maximum time for approving is 24 hours, but usually takes few hours.
How can I be sure, that my traffic is unique?
We provide to our advertisers only unique IP impressions and you can see that in the reports section of the members area. You can setup how often to show your ad to an IP, and many other options.
Can I limit the money I spend for one ad campaign?
Yes, you can set various limits for every ad campaign, such as daly budget, hit limit and etc.
How do I monitor the traffic of my ad campaign?
You will be able to see all details of every single impression in the reports section of members area.