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Law Enforcement:

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Confidentiality Agreement:

When You are use our services, you agree not to redistribute the information to third parties, when the contract was signed personal with you. All written information labeled as proprietary or confidential that is disclosed by either party to the other party shall remain the sole property of the disclosing party. Each party agrees that it shall not disclose, use, modify, copy, reproduce or otherwise divulge such confidential information other than to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement.


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Fraud Prevention:

If you are our publisher, you are agree that YourPopup.com will make an odit of Your traffic. If a publisher makes fraud with any program, script, device or by any other means, his account will be permanently removed from our program and he will not be compensated for such fraudulent traffic. Additionally, YourPopup.com reserves the right to register any fraudulent activities by Affiliate in a global advertisement network fraud database for usage by other advertisement networks.